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It’s nice to see you in a place where nature combines with art and meetings become unique experiences.

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ArtFolwark Wojnowo near Poznań is a very special place. It is located 30 km north of the capital of Greater Poland in the buffer zone of the Zielonki Forest. Our grange is a phenomenal destination, where you will find unlimited possibilities to organise events, and if you wish, you can rest while communing with nature and art, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Experience art with all your senses.

At ArtFolwark Wojnowo, encountering art is not only about experiencing it from a distance, as in a gallery or museum. It is taking pictures with it, touching it, getting to know its structure, entering its interior, in other words, experiencing it with all the senses.

A permanent part of ArtFolwark Wojnowo is the spatial installation by the Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto “Pénétrable BBL Bleu” from 1999. We have created a dedicated pavilion – the so-called The Soto Room – to ensure the comfort of contemplating the work for our visitors.

An impressionistic installation surrounds the viewer. The ephemeral structure is sensitive to its every movement. It gives the observer a sense of influence on its shape, and at the same time builds the impression of ephemeral form.

Beauty at every turn.

The grange in Wojnowo near Poznań is a place where comfort and modern minimalism come into contact with a rustic idyll.

It is surrounded by fields and forests, which you can admire from the panoramic terrace. Behind the ArtFolwark Wojnowo project are art-loving entrepreneurs, supported by committed enthusiasts – artists, interior designers and event organisers.


We offer a unique space in the vicinity of Poznań for rent for corporate events and special events. At your disposal, we provide post-industrial interiors with an area of 500 m2, unique, individually designed places where you can live for a while or longer, and many hectares of space that you can use freely.

The atmospheric space, thanks to large glazing, is filled with light and good energy. A huge, panoramic terrace allows you to admire nature and enjoy communing with nature by Wojnowskie Lake.

We believe that the idyllic atmosphere and the company of works of art will make each event take on an avant-garde dimension and will be remembered for a long time by your guests.

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A unique place to relax, meet, spend a weekend for two...

We offer 10 rooms designed by Anna Matuszewska, an artist, painter, interior decorator, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in Jerzy Nowosielski’s class. Some of our rooms have direct access to the terrace, from which there is a unique view of Wojnowskie Lake and the Zielonka Forest.

Download the price list and familiarize yourself with the current offer of organising parties and events in our Grange in Wojnowo near Poznań

One place - many possibilities

  • 01 Weddings and anniversaries.

    Our strength is the comprehensive organisation of wedding receptions together with the wedding ceremony according to the individual needs of the couple and their guests. ArtFolwark Wojnowo will ensure unforgettable experiences for you and your guests. Relatives, friends and family will experience the event in the idyllic climate of the Greater Poland’s countryside.

    We work with neighbouring hotel facilities, thanks to which we can expand our accommodation facilities.

  • 02 Corporate and team building events.

    Corporate events and team-building events require a unique setting. Our Grange with an event hall in Wojnowo is a place where the participants of the party – employees, contractors or board members – can forget about everyday difficulties for a moment. Relax and get lost in the idyllic atmosphere of the Polish countryside.

    For your guests, there is not only an event space to organise a corporate event, but also an experienced team which is at your disposal in every detail of the event organisation.

    We plan, coordinate and comprehensively manage the event

  • 03 Outdoor and commercial events.

    The area of Wojnowo is a perfect location for open-air and commercial events. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. An outdoor event in our Wojnowo Grange will allow your brand to stand out with an unconventional approach to organising events in a place full of harmony, beauty, warmth, nature and art.

    Participants of the event benefit not only from the modern accommodation facilities and large event space. They will also find here a number of opportunities for active recreation in the surroundings of the Zielonki Forest.

  • 04 Apartment rental.

    ArtFolwark is also a rental of apartments designed in a modern and minimalist way, and at the same time maintaining rustic accents, referring to the tradition of the Greater Poland’s countryside. There are 8 rooms in the main building, a 10-person Kuźnia and an orange holiday house waiting for guests of the stylish hotel in Wojnowo.

    Our kitchen staff can prepare delicious catering for 70 people. We work with proven and reputable subcontractors, thanks to which the organisation of events exceeding 1000 participants is not a problem for us.

  • 05 Outdoor events.

    A name day party, a company’s socializing event or a birthday party in the open air. ArtFolwark is a perfect place for an outdoor event. Participants of the outdoor event will be able to use not only modern accommodation facilities and a large event space. They will also find a number of opportunities for active recreation during the joint celebration.

    Our ArtFolwark is an ideal space where we combine comfort and tranquility with the possibility of communing with nature and art – sculpture, film, music or painting. We offer organisation of exceptional outdoor events of any nature.

  • 06 Occasional parties with art.

    Banquets, meetings or family celebrations around Poznań take on a new dimension at ArtFolwark Wojnowo. Occasional parties with art are an offer for people looking for a unique idea for organising an event of any nature. The guests of the event will be able to experience the synergy at the meeting point of culture, art and unspoilt nature.

    More than 500m2 of event space in roofed, industrial halls, a multi-hectare open air, room arrangements and breathtaking landscapes of the Zielonka Forest make it possible to organise special events in an unusual form. Let your guests immerse themselves in the art of mastery!

  • 07 Photo and film set.

    The unique surroundings and interiors make our Grange near Poznań an excellent destination for photo and film sets. We provide space for photo sessions – engagement, wedding, occasional and company shoots. We cooperate with photographers and photo agencies in the fashion industry.

    The interiors of ArtFolwark Wojnowo, designed with attention to the smallest detail, and the unique natural values of the area also allow for the implementation of a unique film set.

A union of nature and art.

ArtFolwark Wojnowo is the only place of this kind in Poland! Here you will see a world-renowned and appreciated work of kinetic art and take in the crystal-clear air, contemplating the landscape of the peaceful Wojnowskie Lake and the singing of crickets hovering over the meadows.


Freedom of choice is the most important thing

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We bring even the most daring visions to life. Our mission is to provide comfortable conditions for rest out of town and to create an original atmosphere for various types of parties, company parties and events.

We think out of the box and set new trends in the Polish event industry. Let us host you in the exceptional space of ArtFolwark Wojnowo.


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